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What is  JPanoramaMaker?

JPanoramaMaker is poor JAVA aplication. That means that it runs on all OS (of course even under windows, but i did'n tested  ii under astala-vista system). JPM is best for connecting  phtos,created without the TRIPOD a FAST, together - creating panoramas.

Some taste of version 5: Caucasus 1 Caucasus 2 Caucasus 3 Caucasus 4 Caucasus 5 Caucasus 6 Caucasus 7 Caucasus 8 Caucasus 9 Caucasus 10

Program is absolutly  freeware.. If you are intrested in source codes, write me: (and tell why:) "j.u.d.o.v.a.n.a#e.m.a.i.l;c.z.".replace('.','').replace.('#','@').repalce.(';','.') ; //bloody spammers
Program is able to compose horizontal vertikal even all directions  and strange  shaped panoramats

Version 5.6 (29.11.2013):

DOWNLOAD JPanoramaMaker (version 5.6)
source codes as netbeans project
source codes
Version 5.4 (23.1.2012):
DOWNLOAD JPanoramaMaker (version 5.4)
source codes as netbeans project
source codes
Version 5.3 (23.9.2011):
DOWNLOAD JPanoramaMaker (version 5.3)
source codes as netbeans project
source codes
Version 5.2:
DOWNLOAD JPanoramaMaker (version 5.2)
source codes as netbeans project
source codes
Version  5:

repairs in version 2:
For windows is avaiable connection to photostich!!!

Warning: Author have no responsibility for you  when you are using this program!! Even have no responsibility when you downlaod the program from different sources.

Little Prayer:


Unpack somewhare and run start.bat (.sh for unix)( You can run  deformer.bat (.sh) for the horizont deformer window only. But when you search through scrip file, you wil dicovered that this is just jpanoramamaker.jar with parameter -deformer
Uninstal-just delete the dir:)

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jPanoramaMaker's logo

A lot of fun  with crating your panoramats wishes the autor:
Vaněk  Jiří
email:  "j.u.d.o.v.a.n.a#e.m.a.i.l;c.z.".replace('.','').replace.('#','@').repalce.(';','.') ; //bloody spammers\
Please use this email only for bug-report, inovation ideas, offers of job, offers of help or offers of financial support.rofl

Prewiews of  JPanoramaMakeru  2.0 exports (this verion have no brightnes balancing and terrible perspective deformatrions!)
Matterhorntop of  MontBlanctop fo  MonteRosa , MonteRosa (beware of earth-elipse horizont-it was deformed (and badly-repaired in 3.0 and higher)

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