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After starting the programm (start.bat [sh]) you can see at tirs console and then empty window. Do not care about consol-you can use it just for watch the programm log and  for ERROR messages. In empty window press
 F1, whitch showes you an toolbar (or just move the window somewhere else - the toolbar is there fore ever for you:)

Prsss Add fotos, whitch allows you to add photo/s to your panorama project. (photos used in this tutorial for download here: IMG_0122.jpg IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0124.jpg

Press Open. If no photos are shown, probably they "left the window" yo can reset wievport by pressing the reset movement .

Use zoom,to see as many details against as many photos as you want. You can move the whole panoram by moving the curzor to the edge o fwindow..

Fold up the photos to make them conect with its neighbrs.

Press right mouse button on the middle photo and in popupmenu select auto brightness computing. In appeared dialog press SET. When the change is visible close the dialog.

Press right mouse button on the middle photo and in popupmenu select preview alpha, to see how the edges will look like.

Press again F1 and press  Export button. be sure that you have selected  Biggest and Edit perspective boxes, or the programm will ask you for selecting the filename where export  clipped  panorama.(or unclipped, but without horizont deformation)) - both this choices wil be often your ambition (why derform when it is not nessesary)

Now the photos are connected, and no edges can be seen :-D The horizont deformer window appear. You can return eny time to edit an panoram pressing the Switch to panoramaEditor. Use zoom to see as many details against as many of the photo as you want.

In textfield  Method select  middle and in textfield inerpolation select N-polynomial. Yellow line shows you the mesure of deformation against the margita one.
Note.: If the behavior of yellow line seems abnormal, then is nessesary to delete or edit "bad" points " with  primary data operation tool (see manual)

Finally to the  text field beside export button write the filename where to export deformed panorama. (or choose with "..." )
Press export.

The result of those operations is unclipped image, which needs to be achanged little

This is how change it myself::
I open this image in mspaint, and cut it to left as small blank areas as possible - but do not lost an important areas!
This clipping is strongly subjective - that why JPM do not thos instead of you.

nFinally in any good image editor (like  GIMP or PaintShop) retouch (mostly with  clone brush tool) missing parts:


1) programm  JPanoramaMaker can do mutch more thinks. Try read manuál, and primarly: make photomake photo make photo :)
2) programm is realy UNABLE to make VERTICAL panoramas. You can achieve it bu turn the photo  90° , and after joining turn it back. ;)